Curing yourself with bleach?

Curing yourself with bleach?

A pratical guide to the Ruffini Method for Treating over a Hundred Ailments with Less than a Dollar

Gilberto Ruffini e Valerio Droga
Editore Lamed
284 pagine

A provocative title illustrating how the method developed by Dr. Ruffini works. Thanks to the huge potential of sodium hypochlorite, you can say goodbye to more than one hundred skin and mucosal diseases even after just one application. These conditions are often difficult to treat and highly resistant to traditional methods: ranging from skin and nail dermatitis, to candidiasis and papillomavirus, from injuries to inflammations, from canker sores to oral herpes and shingles, from diabetic foot infections to insect stings, from jellyfish burns to domestic burns. A practical handbook, the first about the Ruffini Method, that explains with a friendly approach how to apply sodium hypochlorite to treat the listed conditions, how to correctly dilute the product and how to store it, but also how to use it for your personal hygiene and to disinfect domestic environments. In addition, at the end of the book there is a brief chapter devoted to the well-being of our four-legged friends.

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